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Driver Recruiting Plan for 2017…do you have one?

The new year is exciting, isn’t it? We make goals and strategically map out a pathway to achieve those goals. The transportation industry is growing, as are the demands of a consumer driven economy in the United States. The battle for drivers is as intense as it has ever been and there are a few advantages/disadvantages that you need to make sure you are on the right side of.

Is your application process available on-line? If the process to apply for a job with your company involves downloading an PDF, faxing or any type of paper application, it will be a never ending struggle to get enough drivers to keep your fleet fully staffed and on the road.
Is your application optimized for the mobile user? Recent statistics show that as much as 70% of on-line driver applications are completed from a cell phone or tablet. If your application is tedious or cumbersome to complete on those mobile devices, applicants are more likely to not complete the process.
Can a potential applicant find you? I would like you to try a short exercise. Open an incognito window on your internet browser, and type into the search engine “Truck Driving jobs __________” And fill in the blank with your most relevant location. (Atlanta, North Carolina, Cincinnati, Utah, etc.) Then, see how hard you have to look to find an opportunity to apply for a position with your company. This is the experience that a driver has trying to find your company. If it takes too long, or if you can’t find your own company, then there is some work to do.

Driveteks is a marketing company that understands the transportation industry. We are experts in online marketing. We use our expertise to gain wide exposure for our clients and drive the maximum number of qualified applicants to them. We leverage proprietary technology to filter, screen and qualify applicants so our clients are seeing the best of the best.

If you do not have a strategic on-line driver recruiting plan in place, or would like to improve your existing efforts, Driveteks is the best place to start.

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