Quality Driver Recruiting

A better way to recruit, focused recruiting that targets experienced and safe drivers

Driveteks’ focus on Digital Marketing Recruitment with a full plan from Website Design to Analysis

Trucking Websites

Take control of your web presence with up to date web design and mobile optimized landing pages

Recruitment Marketing

Advanced marketing strategies to get in front of drivers that want to drivefor your company

Driver Qualification

Innovative application filtering processes to save you time with quality drivers

ROI Analysis

Tracking and analytics allos for optimizing the ROI of each of your marketing channels

Case Studies


We met Ed Nagle at the Ohio Trucking Association in 2014. Since then we have had the opportunity to work with him and his team...


Sewell is less than 5 years from their 100th anniversary of operation. We wanted to showcase that proud family heritage that exists for the company....

Taylor Distributing

Taylor Distributing has a long history in the Cincinnati area as a high quality provider of Freight, drayage and warehousing. In 2014 we began by...