James White

I enjoy working with the Driveteks’ team. They understand the transportation dialogue and their staff is always available to assist with any issues I have with the website. The recruiting tool they provide was a 100% improvement and increased our volume of qualified drivers to review for our recruitment process. We went from having 1-3 candidates a week to 25 – 30 candidates a week.

The improvements made to our entire website was done with management direct involvement. Our website went from a site to store information to a site we used as an extension of our business development process to our recruitment of drivers.

If you are looking for a company to add value to your website then, I strongly recommend Driveteks. Using them have change the way we utilize our website as a business and recruitment tool.

Using Driveteks allowed us to build out inbound and outbound campaigns easily and collect leads which are then passed over to our sales team and hiring managers.