The Best Truck Driver Recruiting Strategy

As a small to midsize carrier you more than likely have grown accustomed to the fact that large carriers have their pick of the litter. Small to midsize carriers are forced to fight over the remaining drivers. What if I told you it did not have to be that way? In order to compete with the large carriers you need to implement the best truck driver recruiting strategies:

Guerilla Driver Recruitment

What is Guerilla Driver Recruitment?

No, guerilla driver recruitment is not the act of training great apes to get their CDL A license.

Guerilla recruiting stems from the term ‘guerilla marketing’ coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in his 1984 book Guerilla Marketing. Guerilla marketing is a marketing strategy that relies on surprise/unconventional interactions with potential customers to promote a company.

Traditionally, guerilla marketing campaigns have a smaller budget and focus on a smaller set of people than widespread media campaigns.

Building off this, guerilla recruiting is the truck driver recruiting strategy that involves your company surprising potential drivers with unconventional interactions that leave a positive impression.

Guerilla driver recruiting requires a smaller budget than traditional widespread recruitment efforts common amongst large carriers.

Guerilla Recruiting

Why is it Such an Effective Driver Recruitment Strategy?

Executed properly, guerilla driver recruiting efforts will spread via word of mouth which reaches a broader audience for free. Ideally, the truck drivers you interact with will be so pleasantly surprised that when they see their driver friends the first thing they will say is,

“You are never going to guess what happened to me today…”

Drivers are naturally hesitant to truck company advertising; however, they are far more receptive when learning about a company for the first time from one of their peers. Word of mouth will encourage drivers to search for your company and interact with your driver recruiting website.

In addition to word of mouth, guerilla driver recruiting campaigns have the possibility to go viral. A viral campaign will boost your company brand and have drivers talking about your company all over social media. Social media, particularly Facebook, is one of the best places to recruit truck drivers.

How to Execute a Guerilla Driver Recruiting Campaign

Guerilla driver recruitment campaigns require an immense amount of insight and creativity. Before you can catch truck drivers off guard with a surprise interaction, you need to understand how recruiters typically reach truck drivers. Ask yourself:

Where are drivers expecting to see recruiting campaigns?

The answer to that question will tell exactly where to NOT promote your company. For example, drivers are expecting to see your job ad in trucking Facebook groups, so posting within groups cannot be a part of your guerilla recruiting strategy.

However, are drivers expecting you to direct message them with a $20 Amazon gift card? Probably not.

If you google ‘guerilla marketing’ or ‘guerilla recruiting’ you will come across extravagant examples from companies going over the top. You do not need to do this. Extravagance makes execution much more difficult.

K-I-S-S. Keep It Simple Stupid.

Hand drawing a business concept about the process from vision through strategy and execution to success.

In order to execute a guerilla driver recruiting campaign you need to figure out a simple way to reach drivers in an unexpected way. Examples can include sending gift cards, providing food at truck stops, and much more. The possibilities are limitless.

Large carriers have recruiting budgets that allow them to reach any driver they want whenever they want. In order to compete with them small to midsize carriers need to be creative and use their smaller budgets to pleasantly surprise drivers. Guerilla driver recruitment is the best truck driver recruiting strategy because it enables smaller companies to compete with the big ones.

5 Steps to Recruiting Truck Drivers on Facebook

Over 96% of professional drivers have a Facebook account. Truck drivers love using Facebook because it enables them to stay connected with fellow drivers and loved ones while they are on the road. Because of the large number of drivers using Facebook, the platform is one of the greatest sources of driver recruits. Here are the 5 steps to recruiting truck drivers on Facebook.


Build Your Company Page 

The first thing you need to do before you start recruiting truck drivers is to build your company’s Facebook page. Drivers that are interested in working for you are going to search for your company on Facebook. Building a Facebook page ensures that you will be found by drivers.

Your company page needs to share the most relevant information about your company and tell the story of what it is like to work for your company.

Relevant information includes: company name, location, website, and a succinct description. Provide enough information for drivers to know who you are and become interested enough that they visit your website.

Tell the story of working for your company through your posts. Any driver celebration you conduct, company wins, driver testimonials, etc. need to be documented and posted to your page. Photos and videos are typically more effective than posts containing solely text.

Once you have your company page built you need to encourage all of your employees to follow the page. The more that people interact with your content, the more that the Facebook algorithms will blast your content out to people. This is free exposure, but you need to earn it with quality content.

Magnifying glass used to symbolize a driver recruiter looking to recruit truck drivers on Facebook.

Join the Right Groups

The Groups feature on Facebook is one of the best tools for connecting with truck drivers. There are groups dedicated to connecting drivers with recruiters across the country. Also, there are more geo focused groups to help drivers find jobs in your area. Take the time to do your research and join all groups relevant to your company.

Posting in groups enables you to reach a large amount of truck drivers for free. Because this strategy is so cost effective it is hyper competitive. Competing companies are going to be flooding the groups with their job postings.

In order to combat the competitiveness of groups you simply need to be more active than everyone else. This means doing more than posting your job ads. You need to like other people’s posts, comment, share informative content, and do your best to build relationships. Doing this will make it so that drivers look specifically for your posts.

The Science Behind Posting 

There is a common misconception with Facebook that all you need to do is post your content and all of your followers will see it. Facebook’s algorithms are far more complex than that. The algorithms build individual feeds for every user and only show them the content users will interact with.

It does not matter how many followers you have if you are posting poor quality content. Everything from font color, time of day, device optimization, and much more effect whether your posts are seen by followers. Posting is a science.

In order to perfect the science behind your posts, you need to be running A/B tests. Create different posts that are designed to test one specific variable. For example, one post may have red font and the other has blue. Publish those posts so that different drivers see them and see which perform the best.

After conducting multiple tests you will begin to figure out what post characteristics work the best. It is important to keep running tests because the algorithms are updated constantly. Also, the tests build on one another making each post better than the last.

Young boy conducting science experiments similar to the science experiments driver recruiters conduct on facebook

Facebook Paid Advertising

There is no getting around having to pay for advertising when recruiting truck drivers online. Facebook is no different. You are going to need to pay to get your recruiting advertisements in front of the eyes of drivers.

Paid advertising on Facebook is the only way to guarantee that drivers will see your job openings. The Facebook algorithms make it so that non-paid posts have a limited reach. Facebook wants your money so they have built a platform that requires you to pay them.

Paid advertising is going to ensure that professional drivers see your company every time they open Facebook. This will keep your company on their mind and when drivers go to look for a new job they will search for your company.

Consistency Is Key

The most important thing to recruiting truck drivers on Facebook is to be consistent. You will not see results if you are super active on the platform one month and then absent the next month. The longer you are consistent on the platform the stronger your brand image will be.

Tools like Hootsuite make it easier to post consistently. With Hootsuite you are able to write out multiple posts at one time and then schedule when those posts will be published. Some companies will schedule posts months out in advance and others like to take it week by week.

Considering that over 96% of company drivers have a Facebook account, of course you need to be recruiting truck drivers on the platform. Facebook is the place for you to reach potential drivers and share your company’s story in real time. Follow this guide and your company will know how to recruit truck drivers on Facebook.

How to Create a Trucking Recruiting Website

A well built website is one of the most impactful tools for recruiting truck drivers. Strong sites will generate positive impressions, inform the driver, and get them to apply. Here is how to create a trucking recruiting website.

What Are The Key Elements of a Good Website? 

Team of cartoon people work to create trucking website

Clear Site Navigation

Having an easy-to-follow website design serves two purposes. Clear site navigation makes it easier for visitors to consume your content and for search engines to index your site.

Your home page is the sun that your website-galaxy revolves around. Each page should always be one click away from the home page. Also, your homepage must highlight only the most important pages on your site.

One of the first things a driver should see when visiting your site is a link to apply.

An example of a site that shows the "Apply Now" link on the home page.

Well Designed Landing Page

A landing page is the section of the website drivers visit when they click on one of your paid advertisements.

Your recruitment landing page needs to be designed to sell the driver on working for your company.

Instead of using a bunch of text to tell drivers about the position and why they should work for you, use imagery. Include multiple photos of your current drivers happy on the job and video testimonials from drivers.

Show don’t tell.

Strong Call to Action

No matter how good your images are or how convincing your site is, drivers will not apply without a call to action.

Good example of a strong call to action.


Think of the call to action as the catalyst that gets the driver to actually submit an application. All the other content is used to persuade the driver that they want to work for you.

The call to action gets the application.


In today’s trucking world drivers have the capability to be checking new job opportunities 24/7. Mobile phones are the driving force behind this shift in trucking recruitment.

Last year, 67% of drivers used their smartphones to look for new employment opportunities.

Taking the time to make sure your site is mobile friendly is a necessary. If you do not have a mobile friendly site then you will miss out on all the applications from drivers that come to your site with their smartphones.

Positive ‘About Us’ Tab (Your Why)

Well done 'About Us' tab.
People are not motivated by what you do but why you do it.

Use the ‘about us’ tab to create a positive portrait of your team for drivers to see. Drivers want to work for a company that is going to value them.

Constructing a well done ‘about us’ page will stir excitement in potential drivers. They will see that your team is passionate about the industry, respect their drivers, and it will motivate the driver to seek greener pastures.

Content Content Content

Quality content works wonders. Done properly, content will increase awareness among drivers, get them to consider working for you, and ultimately increase applications.

Your site needs to have blog posts, videos, and photos, that all paint your company in a positive light.

Different people like to consume different types of content. That is why you need blogs, photos, and videos.

Excellent Visual Design

An aesthetically pleasing design with interesting visuals will create a strong first impression with drivers.

Excellent design sends the message to drivers that your company does the due diligence to get the job done right. This will attract the types of drivers that are true professionals and take pride in their work.

Optimized for Search Engines 

Your site is useless if no one visits. Optimizing your site for search engines will make it so that drivers will find you when they search for potential jobs.

Simple optimization practices like adding alt-text to your images, writing clear meta descriptions, and using effective SEO titles do not take much time and produce results.

What Should You Not Put on Your Website?

It is just as important to know what to avoid putting on your site as it is to know what to have on your site.

Dedicated Testimonial Page 

Testimonials are essential to any website. They are one of the most influential pieces of content potential drivers consume.

However, potential drivers are far less likely to engage with the testimonials if they have to go to a separate page. Do not have one page with all the testimonials

The best practice is to sprinkle your testimonials throughout your site. Mix the testimonials in on all the pages on your site.

Dead End Thank You Page 

After the driver applies, a lot of companies will show a simple “thank you” page.

Example of a dead end thank you page after application is submitted.

Having a dead end thank you page misses out on a huge opportunity. Drivers are at the peak of their interest right after applying.

Instead of a dead end page suggest to the driver that they engage with more of your content!

Confusing Messaging (K-I-S-S)

Keep in mind that your site serves two purposes: to increase driver applicants and increase business.

Do your best to keep your messaging as simple as possible. K-I-S-S. You should not spend any time on topics that do not serve either of those two purposes.

Create a trucking website that has simple messaging and applicants and business will both increase.

Automatic Sound/Videos

Nothing is more obnoxious than landing on a site that you have never been to before and getting blasted by automatic sound/videos.

Don’t do it!

In today’s market a well built website is mandatory to effectively recruit truck drivers. Follow this guide to create a trucking website that is a great truck driver recruiting website.

How to Stay Productive Recruiting From Home

The Coronavirus is forcing millions of people to work from home who previously had never done so. This sudden transition has caught many people off guard. If you have not adapted to recruiting from home, then you are missing out on hiring the drivers that are in need of work. Here is how to stay productive when recruiting from home.

Designate Certain Times of The Day For Certain Tasks

As a recruiter you have so many different responsibilities that it can be difficult to choose where to start. The beginning of each day can be overwhelming when you look at all the outreach, orientation tasks, and retention efforts that need to be done.

Recruiters need to be focused on one of the three areas mentioned above. Before you start each day allocate specific times to focus on one area at a time.

For example, your daily schedule could look like this:

  • 9:00am – 11:00am focus on retaining drivers
  • 11:00am – Noon social media outreach
  • Noon – 1:00pm lunch
  • 1:00pm – 3:00pm focus on orientation
  • 3:00pm – 4:30pm calling/reaching out to potential hires
  • 4:30pm – 5:00pm answering emails and wrapping the day up

Each day will be different as your top priority will change. Make sure to be building your schedule so that you are allocating the most time to your most important projects.

Take Advantage of Technology 

Now is the time to experiment with new technology in your recruiting process. There will not be any in-person-job-fairs or hiring events happening any time soon.

It is up to you to get creative with the tools you have.

Maybe instead of calling all of your potential drivers, you ask them if they want to do a Zoom meeting.

Universities around the country are offering online courses for free. Try taking a digital marketing course and using those strategies.

Technology will enable you to reach drivers and build relationships as effectively as in person recruiting before the pandemic. Recruiters that do not take advantage of technology will struggle.

Find a Specific Work Area, and Close it Off 

Working from home comes with a set of challenges and distractions that are not issues in the office. Kids, pets, chores, etc. all weigh on you while working from home.

Man working at home, quarantined from the corona virus

The best way to escape those distractions is to find a specific work area and close it off from the rest of your home.

If you have a home office keep the door closed during work hours. Having the door open invites distractions into your office and invites you to get up and leave the office.

Don’t have a home office? Set up a makeshift office in a room that does not get used often. The guest bedroom is a great option.

Noise cancelling headphones are the best option if you cannot physically close yourself off from distractions.

Shut Off The Computer at The End of The Day

Teleworking from home makes it easier to convince yourself to work late. Your computer is right next to you all the time and it is tempting to work extra hours.

Now that we do not have to physically leave the office, work and home lives blend easier.

Working too much will end up being counterproductive. Long work hours lead to poor sleep and eventually burnout.

Dress For The Door

One of the biggest perks of working from home is that there is no dress code! You get to dress however you please.

Online you will see a lot of people recommending that you still get up and get ready for the day as normal. However, if you are used to dressing in business attire everyday then that advice probably makes you cringe.

It is great advice to stick to your morning routine. That will get your mind ready for the day. Instead of dressing professionally, dress in a way that you would feel comfortable answering the door for a stranger. Comfortable, yet not too unprofessional.

For the next few months, working from home is our reality. Each of us is impacted in our own way by the pandemic. Following the steps above will help you overcome these new challenges to stay productive while recruiting from home.

7 Strategies to Improve Driver Recruiting

Driver recruiting to fill your trucks

A carrier’s most valuable assets are their drivers. Companies that successfully recruit quality drivers in high quantities outperform the competition. Utilize these 7 strategies and your company will improve its driver recruiting.

1) Remove Tasks That Keep Recruiters From Recruiting

Driver recruitment is a demanding job. Assigning recruiters tasks outside of recruiting will keep them from devoting the necessary time needed to recruit.

Time spent planning orientation, running digital marketing campaigns, qualifying applicants, etc. is time away from recruiting. In order to maximize efficiency, recruiters need to focus all of their energy in three areas:

  • Calling fresh, pre-qualified, leads
  • Referral programs
  • Rehire programs

Recruiters wearing too many hats will produce sub-par results. Remove distractions so recruiters will focus solely on recruiting

2) Hire a Trucking Digital Agency

Digital recruitment generates a constant stream of fresh leads for your recruiters to contact. However, it has to be done properly. Your recruiters do not know how to run effective digital campaigns.

Also, a digital ad agency unfamiliar with the trucking industry will not succeed. Hire a digital ad agency that specializes in truck company marketing and driver recruitment. Specialty agencies will speak your language, have your interests at heart, and will know how to navigate recruitment road bumps.

Digital campaigns are more effective than outdated methods. The first place drivers go to find a new job is the internet. Run a digital campaign and drivers will see your posting when they look for a new job.

Another benefit to digital campaigns is everything is tracked. Agencies will use tools like Google Analytics and Search Console to see how each marketing platform (social media, ppc, remarketing,etc.) is performing. Tracking data also allows them to use A/B testing. They experiment with different images/messaging and see what variations produce the best results. Data driven decisions will generate campaigns focused on the most effective platforms using the most effective messaging.

Skilled agencies will be able to promote your job postings specifically to people who you want to see it. You will not waste a single cent on ads being placed in front of uninterested people. Digital campaigns are hyper focused.

3) Assign Primary Recruiting Responsibilities 

Assign your recruiters to recruit specific kinds of drivers. One recruiter needs to focus on drivers, one on owner operators, one on CDL students, etc.

Recruiters will take pride/ownership in the type of driver they are assigned.  Also, assigning drivers will assure your company has different drivers with diverse skill sets.

Instead of having a team of drivers with the same qualifications, your company will have a collection of different endorsements, O/Os, and rookie drivers.

In addition to assigning recruiters specific drivers to recruit, make sure recruiters are assigned specific channels. Driver applicants that slip through the cracks because a recruiter forgot to reach out to them is frustrating and costs the company money.

4) Train Recruiters to be Salespeople

Truck driver recruiting is a sales job. Recruiters are selling the idea of working for your company to driver applicants. If your recruiters are not properly trained in sales then they will struggle to recruit.

Recruiters need to be trained to utilize conversation techniques that discover why a driver would want to change jobs. After figuring out the “why” the recruiter can use that to sell the driver that working for your company will fix that why.

5) Shorten the Recruiting Cycle

The longer it takes from “hello” to contingent offer, the least qualified drivers you hire. Enable your recruiters to offer drivers a contingent offer on the first call. It is unnecessary for and inefficient to have a recruiter get clearance from a manager before making contingent offers.

Another way to shorten the recruiting cycle is to use a landing page that drivers can apply on. Drivers should click on your ads and be able to apply for the position without having to search through any tabs.

6) Inspire Drivers to Refer Your Company 

Getting drivers to refer your company to other drivers is a great way to bring on new talent. However, it can be difficult to get drivers to actually refer your company to their peers.

Oftentimes recruiters will implement an impersonal referral program. Recruiters will send out an email blast, or in a large meeting, ask all of the drivers at once to refer the company to their friends.

Ask drivers personally and privately for help. Doing so will lead the driver feeling like you are asking them for help, not asking the whole company at once. People are committed to people, not the company.

One strategy that produces results is pulling your top drivers into your office, asking them for help, and then giving the driver their own business cards. The driver will hand out their cards to people they meet on the road.

Do not forget to compensate drivers that refer qualified drivers.

7) Actively Recruit Potential Rehires

When a driver leaves your company for another, that does not mean they should never work for you again.

At the time the driver resigns have a company vote if they should be welcomed back. 30 days after the driver resignation, start sending them recruitment content. It is common for a driver to start a new position only to realize their former employer was a better situation.

Make sure to send out messaging to former drivers on December 1st. December 1st is the end of the busy season and drivers are starting to think about where they are going to work the following year.

Finally, announce company changes to former employees. Former drivers may have left because your company was not paying them enough, but they enjoyed everything else about your company. Letting former drivers know about the pay increase may motivate them to return to your company.

Improving the quality and quantity of drivers recruited will improve your company’s bottom line. Despite the driver shortage, your company should not settle for a lack of quality drivers. Follow these 7 strategies and bring in more qualified drivers.

This article based on Kelly Anderson’s webinar 10 Things to Improve Quality and Quantity of Drivers Recruited

Truck Driver Recruiting in Social Media Groups

Effective and efficient recruiting is at the core of any successful trucking company. Carriers rely heavily on constant inflows of new drivers to keep the business running smooth. Truck driver recruiting in social media groups will help keep the inflows constant.

Driver churn rate peaked at 98% in 2018. Considering that the average cost of driver turnover is $8,200 per driver, it is easy to see how companies are spending more on new drivers than any other expense. No wonder fleets ranging in size from C.R. England to smaller family owned fleets are looking to deploy recruitment strategies that bring in qualified drivers for as cheap as possible.

Truck driver recruiting in social media groups will generate a plethora of driver candidates and keep carriers up-to-date on current recruiting strategies.

Person speaking within a social media group.

The Basics of Social Media Groups

Facebook and LinkedIn offer users the ability to create and / or join groups. Groups are communities of people that all have something in common.

For example everyone in a group may have all graduated from the same high school, work in the same industry, share similar interests, etc. The possibilities are limitless.

Every group has a specific set of rules that members must follow. Some groups require admin approval for new members, other groups ban self promotion, there are groups built specifically for people to promote.

Getting Started with Social Media Groups

Navigating social media groups is pretty simple. The first step is going to be finding the right groups to join. In Facebook and LinkedIn type in a keyword, “trucking” is a basic example of a keyword, and make sure to select the “Groups” tab. Selecting the “Groups” tab will ensure that all the results are groups with the keyword in the name.

There are groups on both Facebook and LinkedIn designed specifically to connect drivers and recruiters. Request to join the groups that are active, have no spam posts, and match your geographical requirements.

The second step is to learn the rules of the group. Obviously, groups designed to connect drivers with recruiters are going to be okay with people promoting job postings. However, there are rules like “no piggybacking off of other job posts”.

Breaking a group’s rules will lead to the poster being kicked out of the group.

The third step is to post, and the final step is to reach out to everyone who shows interest.

Having Success With Social Media Groups

It is important to remember that in each of these groups there are other recruiters and all the recruiters are competing to attract the same qualified drivers.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

The recruiter that posts, interacts, and contacts drivers the most will likely have the most success. Similar to other avenues of recruitment, recruiting in social media groups is a numbers game.

I have spoken with recruiters who are succeeding with groups about their strategies. One recruiter told me that at the beginning of each week they post ads to about ten different groups. These posts generate “hundreds and hundreds” of responses every week.

This recruiter makes note of every person who responded in his lead book. Every Monday the recruiter generates hundreds of names to pursue for his available positions.

Another recruiter told me that she is shifting from using paid services to focusing mainly on social media groups. According to her, there is no other strategy that is as effective at letting her reach large number of drivers AND show the drivers that she is a real person just like them.

Social media groups are one of the most effective tools that recruiters have access to. Recruiters using social media groups have an outlet that connects them to thousands of drivers. All truck driver recruiters should be in these groups and treating the groups as one of the most important outlets in their recruitment campaigns.

Social Media Groups to Join

Here is a list of Facebook and LinkedIn groups to get you started:



Stepping up Your Driver Recruiting Game

Semi truck drives along road in the mountains. Driver recruiting filled the seat of the truck.

Truck Driver recruiting is one of the most critical pieces to a successful trucking operation. If not done effectively, it can cripple your business.  It is also one of the most difficult to master.

Figuring out how to meet the recruiting needs of your trucking operation can be tricky when you do not have the spending power that the mega trucking companies do. Here are strategies that will help you make educated decisions.


Knowing how to spend your money for recruiting may make or break factor for your company.

There are 2 ways to look at it: Spend the money on people or on process. According to, based on over 30,000 salary entries, the average pay for a driver recruiter is about $43k per year or about $3500/mo. If you dig a little deeper, you can see that the range goes from as low as $28k up to $72k.

At those salary ranges you could be hiring an inexperienced to moderately experienced employee that could manage your recruiting efforts. You could also look to an agency that will manage the process for you. There are pros and cons to both.

    1. The pro of hiring in house that you can keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening more. That person can have a first hand understanding of the operation and culture of your organization. The con is that you are limited to the skill set and ability of the person you hire. When hiring this person you are absorbing the cost of the employee in addition to the costs of advertising and marketing the positions you need to fill.
    2. The pro to hiring an agency is that with the right agency, you tap into recruiting abilities that you wont get with a single employee. Cons to hiring an agency – its scary. It is difficult to know whom you can trust and whether or not they can deliver what you need.


The process for looking for a job is so much different now then it was 10 years ago.

So what has changed?

People still have to find new employment, fill out an application, get a background check, and a million other things. So why is it that traditional forms of recruiting aren’t effective anymore? Technology is the answer.

With the Internet, potential drivers and employees are able to research you as a company, find out what you have to offer in compensation, hear what your employees say about you and generally assess whether they feel they would be a good fit for the job.

The best thing you can do as a carrier is to get ahead of the technological curve. Make sure your online presence is up to par. Also ensure your website portrays you in the best light possible and gives an honest impression of what it is like to work for your company. Focus on the competitive advantages you have to offer.

Another way to get ahead of the curve is to make sure that your company can be found. There are a lot of ways to do this: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), properly developed profiles on job boards and social media.

Make sure that your process for applying for the job is geared toward mobile users. Recent statistics show that more then half of all internet traffic is through mobile devices world wide, and that as much as 70-80% of truck driver applications are being submitted via a mobile device.

Knowing the direction that internet traffic is heading allows you to cater your application process to the mobile user.

Maximizing on these 2 things doesn’t solve the puzzle. However, it definitely positions you above most of the competition. As companies focus efforts on catering the recruiting experience to the driver and not to the company, the effectiveness of the recruiting effort increases.

Hand writing out its goals for 2017.

Driver Recruiting Plan… Do You Have One?

Demands of a consumer driven economy are causing the trucking industry to grow. The battle for drivers is intense. Because of this you need a driver recruiting plan.

Embrace the Power of the Web

Is your application process available on-line? If the process to apply for a job with your company involves downloading an PDF, faxing, or any type of paper application, it will be a never ending struggle to get enough drivers to keep your fleet fully staffed and on the road.

Is your application optimized for the mobile user? Today, as many as 70% of on-line driver applications are completed from a cell phone or tablet. Drivers are less likely to complete the application if it is a tedious process.

Are Drivers Able to Find You?

Can a potential applicant find you? I would like you to try a short exercise. Open an incognito window on your internet browser, and type into the search engine “Truck Driving jobs __________” And fill in the blank with your most relevant location. (Atlanta, North Carolina, Cincinnati, Utah, etc.)

Then, see how hard you have to look to find an opportunity to apply for a position with your company. This is the experience that a driver has trying to find your company. If it takes too long, or if you can’t find your own company, then there is some work to do.

Driveteks is a marketing company that understands the transportation industry. We are experts in online marketing, and use our expertise to gain wide exposure for our clients. This drives the maximum number of qualified applicants to them. Driveteks’ proprietary technology filters, screen, and qualify applicants. Because of this our clients are seeing the best of the best.

If you do not have a strategic on-line driver recruiting plan in place, or would like to improve your existing efforts, Driveteks is the best place to start.